All short story submissions are read and reviewed before they are accepted onto the site. I don't accept any HTML or other code in the short story text. If, having removed any links or code what's left is a suitable story then I'll filter out the code and post the story. If this isn't acceptable then please contact me and i'll remove the story.

I reserve the right to make a personal decision about the suitability of a story for the site. If I deem it to be offensive then I'll reject it. Sorry. Other than that I'm not going to be over critical. The site is about communicating the beauty of ideas behind a story and not the fine detail of perfectly edited literature.

Any short story submission remains your property (if you are the author). Do not upload another persons work without their permission. If you find a short story on this site that you feel shouldn't be here then please contact us. If you'd like to remove your story from the site then email me and i'll remove it immediately.

It's simple. We'll use your email address to confirm your submission. If you ticked to say yes to receiving updates you'll get a periodic email informing you of radical site changes and new stories. Also, let's face it, you want people to read your stories, and who knows maybe someone wants to contact you about it. There's also a box to tick to say it's OK for me to send you an email of that nature. The enquiring party will not receive your email address, but you will receive theirs.

You can also sign up to be kept informed without having to submit a story. In either case we will not give your email to anyone else. We will not perform any advertising mailshots on anyone else's behalf, such as solo ads etc.