Again   by Harryette Kumire

As I reviewed all the distruptive components that could destroy my day, my past stumbled in through the door. As my past took it\'s place in my present I swallowed a ball of air the size of a golf ball. I planted my stilettos firmly into the ground and stood with anticipation; I had never felt so scared. I had lost the power of speach and I began to hear my heart wriggle its way up my esophagus.

A fist caught my jaw whilst cutting through the air and I tried to grasp everything on my way down. I wasn\'t able to see things vividly but I could pick out a few shapes. I\'d never seen so many shades of grey. I felt a tight hold on my neck and my heart accelerated it\'s beat in the center of my esophagus. My legs dangled in the air helplessly. In every tenth of a second a fist drew closer and closer to my face. It was then I started to understand the term of having your lights knocked out.