English Paper   by Rhythm Rice

Yes, my thoughts are formed by hallucination. They are fueled by a bag of multicolored uppers and downers, relaxers and getter done-ers. Its in the trunk of my delorean which a girl a recently met named hannah myers is driving 100 mph down the highway. We\'re en route to a rave, a party in miami florida.

Aaaahhh!!! Hannah suddenly screams as she swerves to the side of the road. She\'s shaking uncontrollably, waving her hands in the air. I run to the trunk and search through the bag for a light red pill with the letters EH-14 etched into it. Finally i find one and run back to the car, hannah still shaking. \"Here take this.\" She swallows the pill and slowly returns to normal. \"Maybe you should drive.\"\" You\'re right,\" i climb into the drivers seat of my delorean. \"We\'d better hurry, the pigs will be looking for us.\" After all, i did just rob a pharmacy, i thought.

We arrived at the rave around 11:30. I traded some of my pills for ecstasy and thats about the last thing i remember.

I woke up, completely dazed and confused, trying to figure out what happened. Hannah was no where to be seen. Shes fine, i thought, i\'d picked her up at a diner on my way to the rave all by herself. I walked half a mile to my car. I park far away because, you don\'t want your car to be anywhere near a bunch of people on E with neon colored spray paint.

I drove to a car rental place to get rid of my car which was surely wanted by the police. I rented a cherry red, 80\'s convertible and backed right over the curb onto the road and drove off. I headed to a diner, the same one i met hannah at last night. I desperately needed some food. I sat down and ordered. The clock on the wall read nearly 4 p.m. Holy hell, i thought, its was just 18 hours earlier that i sat in this same seat, preparing for the rave. Now i sit here recovering from the rave.

It was just then when the man next to me spoke. He was a caucasian man with with long brown hair and a long dirty beard, he was wearing a white bath robe. Wtf , its jesus i thought to myself. Hello Jake Sully, he said. i was bewildered at the situation. i had taken some oxycodone about 15 minutes earlier and it was just kicking in. \"Do i know you?\" I said. \"No, but i know you.\" \"who are you?\" I said. \"I.. Am the devil.\" I laughed. \"Alrighty well, i\'ll see you later. I gotta get going now.\" \"wait.\" The man said.

I turned around and thought, the only way this man would matter to me at all is if he wanted to give me free acid. \" i have somthing for you. Something i know that you\'re craving right now.\"

I\'ve met a lot of weird people in my day, going to raves and all. But this man, if he says acid.. He will probably take the lead for the weirdest. After what seemed like forever he spoke. \"You\'re going to have to sign something for it.\" \"For what? What are you talking about?\" I said. \"10 sheets of high powered acid.\" My jaw dropped. \" and all you have to do is give me your soul.\"

\"Your crazy dude.\" He pulled out the acid and i was tempted to snatch some out of his hand and take some right there. Then i realized all i have to do is sign this stupid paper and he will give it all to me. \"Alright\" i said. \" where\'s this paper i have to sign?\" He reached behind his back and pulled out a small stack of paper\'s seemingly out of thin air. \"sign this, and the acid will be yours.. And your soul will be mine..\" The man said

I still thought the man was crazy. He was dressed as jesus and he called himself the devil. Even if i was really giving him my soul, i dont even use it anyways. So, i decided to sign it. At 500$ a sheet, thats 5 grand that this mans just gunna give me. I didn\'t even read the papers, i just signed it. \"There ya go.\" I said. As he handed me the acid i could practically already see the walls of the room start to melt around me.

As i was walking out of the diner i turned around to say \"you know you\'re in the wrong costume?\" But he was gone.

I went to my car and cut off a 1/2 inch square. I sat there looking out the window at the diner and put it in my mouth. I put my seat back, turned on some music and relaxed. It took about a half hour for it to kick in and then music started sounding like a mix between beethoven and kanye west..

I started to trip and i started to see the crazy man from inside sitting on a bench. I saw him across the street. And i saw him sitting in the seat next to me. I began to freak out. I saw flashing images of his face right in front of me and all around me.

I was having a very very bad trip. I was sweating and i had a case of the shakes. I puked all over my car. I didnt even know what was sound and what was scent. I was tripping mad balls. I was laying there in my own puke, shaking and seeing jesus, smelling beethoven and kanye west.

Suddenly it all stopped. It was so sudden. I was standing outside of my rental car looking at myself. What was happening? I thought. I put my hand on the car window,. except my hand wasn\'t there. I looked down at myself, but there was nothing there. I was invisible or something.

I opened the car door and my puke covered body fell out. I touched my arm. it was cold and limp. I touched my neck. There was no pulse. I was scared. I tried to find a heartbeat but there wasn\'t one. I wasn\'t even breathing.

I finally realized what was happening. I understood what was going on.. I was dead.