Oblivion Domain   by Ariel Villegas

Before the universe existed, there was a realm called The Oblivion and in that realm lived Iratus, the god of anger. He had black hair, icy blue eyes, and wore a blood red robe. One day due to his loneliness, Iratus decided to create a female deity. He named her Avaritia, the goddess of greed and jealousy. She had silvery blonde hair, violet eyes and she wore a green robe with elegant geometric symbols of gold.

Iratus would treat Avaritia as his own daughter. After the creation of Avaritia, there were three crystal orbs that appeared mysteriously. The color of one orb was violet, the other was pale aqua and the last one was carbon black. The three orbs were capable of powering machines and creating life, especially human life, but for the orbs to work properly they needed to be placed on a powerful machine called DEAL, an acronym for Dark Energy Array Launcher. The DEAL machine could convert dark energy into dark matter, shoot a beam of dark matter that could strike a planet and destroy all the atoms of the planet except the carbon atoms.

If the carbon crystallizes over time, they become diamonds and can be used to power machines much like the three crystal orbs. Because of the great amount of power that the orbs possessed, Iratus knew that one day his daughter would steal the orbs and use them for her advantage due to her greedy and jealous nature. Iratus became the protector of the three orbs. As expected, Avaritia became jealous of her father and began planning to steal the three orbs for her own use. By accomplishing her goal she would activate the DEAL machine to create the first human beings and make them her slaves. By making them her slaves she would be able to command them to mine the diamonds.

She would forge the diamonds into orbs and use the machine to change the appearance of the realm any way she liked and command the humans. Avaritia was able to steal the orbs and activate the machine but Iratus tried to stop her before the machine could reach its full charge. Avaritia stabbed him in the back with an energy weapon. All of a sudden a bright golden light flashed from the orbs and six figures materialized on a platform. Before Iratus died, he gifted the humans with free will and cursed them with anger but Avaritia did not realize that they were granted free will and cursed with anger. When she commanded the humans to worship her, they refused to do so.

She somehow knew that her father had done something wrong to her new creations. She became afraid of her own creations. Since the three crystal orbs had so little power, Avaritia decided to use them to create three worlds so she could place two humans on each planet before the consequences worsened. The first planet was called Aequora. It had oceans with many large islands; the next planet was called Ligneus, a desert planet.

It was a very harsh and dry place. The planetís only main sources of water were lakes and rivers. The last planet was a paradise called Elisium. It had a pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes and rich vegetation. In the core of these three planets were hidden DEAL machines the size of moons capable of creating life and destroying planets with beams of dark matter.

The DEAL machines would activate again in the year 220AD by an automated timer. In that same year the three machines would combine together to become more powerful and carbonize the three planets, Avaritia could then restart her plan to create humans making them her slaves once again without any meddling of anybody. Days before the final countdown however, humans will learn about their true origins from ancient scriptures. They would learn that six chosen ones from a prophecy written in the ancient scriptures would try to stop mankindís demise once and for all. During the events of the three planetís final days, the scientists of planet Aequora discovered that the DEAL machine was an ancient cosmological mega-structure; weapon built by a lost ancient advanced civilization from another universe described in ancient sculptures discovered by Aequoraian archaeologists.

They discovered the DEAL machine had a computerized operating system and a timer that would activate the weaponís converting process of dark energy and start carbonizing planet Aequora. The archaeologists contacted scientists to immediately notify the federal government that they only has two hours to evacuate Aequora. The Aequoraian government informed President Relius to alert the citizens to prepare for evacuation and go to the spaceport of Primus; the capital city of Aequora. Twenty years ago, a group of aerospace engineers had built starships the size of large cities in case of global evacuation. All the citizens were inside the ships and began to take off when the machine started the process of converting dark energy into beams of dark matter.

Two more ships were about to take off when all of the sudden the machine begun blasting beams of dark matter on the surface of the planet. By the time the ships exited the atmosphere, half of the west hemisphere of Aequora was already carbonized but for unknown reasons the machine stopped carbonizing the planet. The machine had just entered into meltdown mode. There was only thirty minutes before the machine collapsed onto itself. Right before the ships entered into the wormhole, the machine began to collapse onto itself creating a black hole. The ships started to activate their warp drives to warp to another part of the galaxy by creating a wormhole.

The ships quickly escaped into the wormhole. The black hole started to consume all the material of the infinitely crushed DEAL machine and of planet Aequora. Everything was gone in seconds. The Aequoraians unsure of where to go next were headed to the unknown of the Milky Way galaxy. For millenniums the Aequoraians had heard about a legendary world described in ancient scriptures and that one day it would be their only hope for survival.

The only thing left from their planet was galactic coordinates that would lead to a mega-structure world written in the lost ancient scriptures that could support life. In the year 240AD, the Aequoraians had reached the strange but somehow familiar world called Orbis Rota. The ships landed on an island called Domicilium. They settled down and called Orbis Rota their new home. The Aequoraians technology advanced and had just mastered intergalactic travel, colonizing several planets. Around the year 355AD the Aequoraians were on the brink of extinction. The Aequoraians were already in war fighting the Avaritiaians since the beginning of 220AD.

In the year 355AD the Avaritia civilization declared war on the Aequoraians once again for not believing that the Avaritiaians created their ancestors in the ancient times. After the extinction of the Aequoraians they claimed Orbis Rota as one of their colonies. In ancient scriptures it was revealed that Iratus and Avaritia were not actually gods, but in fact, were two advanced ancient civilizations; they were only misinterpreted as gods in the book of Tria Lumina, the Aequoraian bible. The Iratus civilization was from another universe and they were the one that built Orbis Rota and the three DEAL machines. At that time they were the most advanced civilization in our universe. The Avaritia civilization declared war on the Iratus civilization. This deadly war lasted for five years.

The Avaritiaians started widespread genocide of the Iratusians, bring them to extinction, leaving Orbis Rota intact. They stole the machines and hide them inside the three different planets so no one could find them. The only way to deactivate the machines if they were ever reactivated was by finding three key devices. These three keys can only be found on Domicilium, an island on Orbis Rota. By the year 220AD, six chosen heroes, Orbis Rota and the three keys would be the only hope for the Aequoraians survival.