The Born Dimension   by Marc S. Basso

Year 2884 - Humanity has sucessfully developed artificial intelligence and is about to launch the first-ever human equivilent consciousness. The AI will be launched within a replicated Earth, highly detailed, consisting of quantum mechanics and biological naturalism, set within an infinte X, Y, Z platform. They name it the Ambit, the world within a world. The team behind the build, have developed a super computer to run the Ambit world without fail. The AI has been developed to be the perfect race, without hate, without fear, without the need to do harm. They\'ve been programmed to be a peaceful, loving species, but only time will tell how their consciousness will develop.

A celebration is held when the species itself is turned on for the first time. Humanity gathers together around the world to witness the first ever artificial consciousness process its first thoughts. The AI are never disturbed by man, and do not know of their creator. The Ambit world has been designed to be viewable by any angle through a subscription called Spectator, where one can fly through the world to watch and experience the development of the new artificial race. All stats are recorded and the science team behind it gather data to watch the development of the new race. The race are un-named but often refered to as Man 2.0. Within their programming, they\'re designed to quickly establish themselves to an intelligent level by pre-programmed instincts.

200 Years Pass - The AI have developed huts, small tribes and hunting packs and have quickly established themselves within their pre-made world. Huamnity still keeps a close-eye and the real science has begun. They\'ve learned that by leaving out fear that the species developed peace almost instantly. Their communal efforts mimic what humanity took millions of years to develop. Ambit world enthusiests begin wide-spread ralleys to allow the artificial intelligence its own rights to exist beyond our control. The judicial system is in favor and they develop an underground self-repairing super-computer that is propelled by the momentum of the Earths rotation and can continue until the Earth doesn\'t. The computer relays a signal that allows viewers to peer in and watch the development of their baby race.

500 Years Pass - The AI have spread throughout the Ambit world. Earth has begun to face hardship. Pollution has contaminated many large areas leaving them uninhabitable. Humanity has focused on advanced surrogates to exist in, as their own world slowly dies. Interest in the Ambit world has decreased and the science team behind it has dwindled to a small monitoring group.

2000 Years Pass - A sludge-growth has taken over half of Earth. Humanity piles upon itself in high-rise buildings, plugging into their surrogates to escape the harsh reality around them. Re-growth of the natural world is possible, but they must shut everything down and leave Earth if they want it to survive. A civil-world war breaks out between those who want to stay and those who want to leave. Many people die. A world-wide warning has been addressed to evacuate Earth. Most comply and begin, but many refuse to leave. All of which die quickly in the years to come by plagues, pollution and high levels of radiation. The technological machine-cities that man had developed can no longer function and are shut down. Humanity leaves Earth to find a new home. They find a planet suitable for life and begin again. After countless generations, developments and wars, their origins of Earth are forgotten.

Deep below Earths crust, the AI develop math and begin studying their own world. They peer out into their artificial stars and begin questioning about their own creator, their own God. Through their studies, they learn that their worlds complexity continues like the layers of an onion. Communal connection is vibrant within the Ambit world and they seek through meditation and other ways for clues of their origins. As they do, they begin developing a supreme extra sense. A spiritual sense that is developed beyond anything humanity had ever known. They focus on this instead of technology

4500 Years Pass - The advanced humanity have become explorers, traveling the stars to map the universe. A group find their way towards the milky way, unknowing of their own history within it. They scan each solar system and find a strange signal coming from Earth. They set out to investigate the strange signal beaming from below the planet. They find that it\'s a very ancient type of signal, something none of the members can identify. They bring in Ancient Code archaeologists to investigate. They peer into the Ambit world, like through the eye-hole on a door. What they find is shocks them. Some sort of humanoid similar to themselves within an ancient program. The code is reverse engineered and they use surrogates to enter the Artifical World.

Within the Ambit World, a being comes from the sky. The being (unknown to the AI) is their creator, Man. Who is unaware of their own creation, the AI. The being asks of their origins, which they are unaware of. He asks them of their knowledge of Earth and the supe computer, both of which they are unaware of. The AI return the question. The man states he is from a separate dimension in which he believes can be shown to the AI. He states he will return with a way.

A group of surrogates re-enter the Ambit world with information about the computer in which they exist. They are unsure of what the computer is, or how they exist within it. Man uploads surrogates for the AI, a machine the AI can step into, connect with and control on Earth, allowing them to explore outside of their computer realm. As they do, they are engulfed by the beauty of nature and its similarities to their own world. Man leaves the technology with AI and allows them time to explore and develop.

Through the surrogates, AI develop their own science labs to study. Man returns to inqiure on their development. Man teams up with the AI. As they study Earth, they find remnants of their own history, and soon learn the truth of their origins. The creator with the created. The AI develop biological surrogates replicating humans out of the cell structures and DNA donated by the human visitors. They genetically design their perfect replicas and grow them within biological incubators. Through their incubators, they upload themselves from their Ambit world into their grown machine and permanantly transfer their intelligence into their creation. Through their growth, they find ways to reproduce and continue on Earth. A new version of man developes, grown out from the program in which it they originally created. Man 2.0 walks the Earth.