They Talk   by Dinarrius King

\"Aha! He is to do more now than he was to do then!?\"


\"Surely, the weight of responsability on a person does not dictate how important they are or

how worthwhile their life is!?

We all have different goals in life and we ourselves, are the only ones who can measure our importance

success. Most people choose to look at it the other way round because that means if something goes wrong,

they can just be dissapointed with the world they live in rather than in themselves.\"

\"Why is success or importance, important at all?\"

\"It isn\'t. Thats the strange thing. It doesn\'t matter how successfull you are or how important you are

but, for some reason, everyone chooses to look at this the other way too. We all act like importance

and success are needed to show that you are having a better life than other human beings but, we cannot

judge their experiences as our own. We are all equal and unique. No two the same, from the moment of

conception. Not Even Twins.\"

\"Mmhhphouuu... No one was ever as good or as bad as anyone at anything. Someone was always

better and someone was always worse. Some discovered what they were best at and made successfull

careers, but the others... Well, they were just unlucky. They perhaps lived in the wrong time, Or perhaps

just the wrong place. You should just live a good life and hope you\'ll never have to put up with the

possibility that maybe you\'re not the best at something really important to you.\"

\"Could, one intentionally avoid such an occurance? Or are we in some way, fated, (by a pre-concieved

pattern we perceive as our lives) to to balance some equation and experience as living beings,

the gratest and worst possabilities imaginable...? I think not!

We could all come together, agree to do what is best for everyone and united, strive to be a race to be

proud of... Human.\"

\"But we know that wont happen.\"

\"Pffmmphoo! Obviously!\"

\"Oh the Humanity...\"

\"FFwhoaa! A bit cliche for you i think...\"

\"Ah well theres always a CHANCE right?\"

\"Although minimal to speak well of.\"

\"Pfphaa! We can talk about it or do something about it. I know which one gives us a CHANCE.

I think you can all agree, that common sense dictate what we do now.\"

\"People will always have different opinions Josh. Always have, always will.

With that truth comes the fact that they divide among themselves and explains

why, they have so easily slipped back to such a... Primative, existance.\"

\"Echhm! You\'re lucky we\'re friends, I\'ll let that slip.\"

\"Oh I am most sure he appreciates His Heinesses kind gesture. But can we just get out? It seems like it\'s

allready been too long.\"

\"Ooohhhch! Alright.\"

\"No time like the present.\"

\"Why must you always do a cheesy line at the end?\"