Todd   by Always look down


He never knew his short life would end this way. He supposed that was why people called him oblivious. Stupid. Unaware. The poor thing's very existence was tearing up the world around him. The sky was dark and the air smelled of death. The entire world was dying. People were dying. He was dying. He never wanted anyone to get hurt; he didn't know he was even capable of hurting anyone. But now that he could see the earth crumbling around him and people dying at his own hand, he knew he was a danger to everyone. It wasn't like anybody liked him in the first place, however. His "mother" never cared much for him, people at work hated him for his ingenuity and happiness, and the love of his life…didn't even love him back. He tried, he tried so damn hard to make everybody happy. But they were blinded by what he really was. They knew the truth about him, what he couldn't see, up until this point. They rejected his kindness, his loyalty, his love. He was left behind, and for the first time in his life, he felt the disgusting feeling of hatred. The man-- or now, monster, had nothing, absolutely nothing to live for. He never did. Remembering this, rage began to spread throughout his being, and it caused him excruciating pain in what should have been his heart--if he had one. That was, until he decided to live out the last hour of his life by doing what he was created to do. Destroy everything and everyone, and do so without mercy or regret. He grabbed whatever was next to him, a car, and a mailbox, and hurled them towards several buildings. The car exploded and the building gradually began to catch on fire. The mailbox broke in two, as if it were only a glass bottle and paper fluttered everywhere, making the city look even more disastrous. The law enforcement tried to stop him, police officers fired several shots at him, but the man they were trying to detain wasn't even a man. He wasn't even human. They ricocheted off of his body and didn't leave so much as a single scratch. The monster ripped a lamp post out of the concrete sidewalk and began to approach the officers. Two out of the three cops tried to escape, but the being swung at them, like hitting a baseball, and sent them flying off into the distance. The third was afraid, but held his ground and kept shooting. And the monster was about to do the same thing he did to the other cops, until--"TODD!"

Six months earlier…
In a usually quiet, peaceful home, a young man was struggling to open his eyes, which proved to be very difficult, seeing as the sunlight pouring through his window was shining directly into his eyes and trying to burn his corneas. When he finally manage to sit up, he was greeted by the bitter face of his mother. "Todd, you lazy, stupid, good-for-nothing slacker, today is your first day of work and you can't even wake up early enough!" She hissed. "I'm sorry, mom," Todd sighed, as he stretched and slowly made his way out of bed, "But you know, it's only eight, and start work at nine." His mother turned her back to him, whipping Todd's face with her brownish gray hair. "I don't care, Todd, you can't mess this up for yourself." Todd just rolled his eyes, and slowly began to nudge her out of the room. "It'll be fine, mom," he assured her, "Besides, as of today, I am now--" "21 YEARS OLD, AND YOU STILL LIVE WITH YOUR MOTHER!" Todd's mom interrupted, "NOW HURRY UP, GET DRESSED, AND GET OUT!" And with that, she slammed the door in his face. "…no happy birthday?" Todd smirked and shrugged his shoulders. He grabbed his glasses off the nightstand, put them on, and walked to his closet. As he was looking through it for a tie he found a small box. It was silver with a lovely gold ribbon tied around it. Inside was a note that said,
"Never take this off. Not even in the shower. Happy birthday, Todd."

Underneath the note was an odd looking bracelet. It had so many glowing lights and buttons that it looked almost futuristic. Todd smiled and chuckled to himself, "Oh mom, you joker." as he slipped it onto his wrist. It instantly changed into a normal black wristband. "That's cool," Todd poked and prodded at the bracelet, wondering if he could change it back, "This must have cost mom a fortune." he thought aloud, and continued to get dressed.
By, eight-forty, Todd was dressed in a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black skinny jeans, and his favorite crimson red tie in which he spent a good thirty minutes looking for. He didn't have to brush his mud brown hair, because it always neatly fell into place, and he felt like he was ready for work. Except for the fact that he had about ten minutes to walk to work, and his workplace was about two miles away from where he lived. Todd didn't really seem to care, though, he just calmly grabbed his briefcase, kissed his grumpy mother goodbye while she was on the phone, and…sprinted out the door.
As she heard the door slam shut, Todd's mother sighed heavily, "I thought he'd never leave." said a muffled voice on her phone. "I know, he's pretty slow, but I guess that's to be expected, after all, he's your…'baby'." she laughed as she could practically hear the person on the other side frowning at her. "Clarissa, please, shut up. You don't want me to test the Great Disaster on you, do you?" He threatened. "Oh no, of course not," Todd's "mother" now known as Clarissa said in mock fear. "Anything but that!" There was a long silence on the other end. "Okay, okay, professor, I'm done joking around, what do you want?" "You can take off that ridiculous disguise for now and meet me in the Underground," the professor said, "We have much to discuss about…Todd." Clarissa laughed as she took off her short, brownish gray wig, and revealed her long golden locks of hair. "As you wish, sir."