Tytranians of Sephia   by Deandre Arvell Webb

Tytranians of Sephia   by Deandre Arvell Webb

Alexander had always been the younger child, he had always been the kid who everyone babied, because he was the youngest … His older brother, William, had truly been treated as the oldest. He was the king of Sephia, everyone had to respect him whether they wanted to or not. Alex was second in line to gain the thrown, but of course, something had to happen to William.

Alexander was not a normal human. In fact, he wasn’t a human at all. The new country of Sephia was created in 2022, as a new nation. It would become more successful than Russia, the United States, even China. Sephia was an alien race that had come to conquer humans, but enjoyed more beating them at everything. They had the best wrestlers; its economy was a major success at virtually everything. Nothing could stop them.

They had the ability to shape shift, this gave them the power to be undetected by humans, even if a human joined their country. And if someone, other than a Tytranian, discovered them; they also had the ability to erase memories. So, in essence, no human could know, unless someone let them know.

Although the economy was at a huge success, many people despised King William, he although a good leader, was compared to Hitler in his way of cruelness. If anyone stole from his empire, they were assassinated. This would include the original king, William’s and Alexander’s father. Who after he left the throne was killed? No one actually knew what happened to him, but he just disappeared.

Alex left the castle to visit his girlfriend, Valentine Anderson. She was definitely the light of his life, the only person he felt understood him. Valentine and his best friend Sweden Schwarz; who he had known since he was a child. She was probably the most intellectual person he had ever met in his life. When she asked questions most of the time, he couldn’t answer them, but never the less, she made him think.

“Alexander,” Sweden said. “Come over here, quickly.”

“What is it?” Alex replied.

“The Curtians have identified our position on Earth,” She stated. “What are we going to do?”

The Curtians were another alien race who the Tytranians had been in constant battle with. They had been their enemies, since 0308 zeht; which is equivalent to 1835 for Earthlings. The Curtians were bent on universal control and would kill off their own race to do it.

“They just won’t leave us alone will they,” Alex said smiling. “But in the First and Second Invasions, they weren’t able to defeat us, were they?”

She couldn’t avoid smiling. “I guess you’re right, but I always get nervous hearing about them.”

Alex completely had forgotten what he left the castle for, so he decided to walk around with Sweden for awhile.

“How are Samantha and the twins?” Alex asked.

“Samantha is usual, she always asks about you though,” Sweden answered. “The twins make me laugh and are annoying.”

“Swell,” Alex sung.

After a few more conversations about school, work and family; the two just walked quietly for awhile before the finally reached the castle gates. Levi and Gale walked up to the two of them. These were the William’s aids in his domestic and foreign affairs.

“King William requests the presence of you two, right away,” The two said in utmost unison. “Follow us, Prince Alexander and Sweden Schwarz.”

Alex hated when anyone who called him Alexander, he hated it fiercely and despised them. It was if they were trying to honor him, for what? He was a prince and it wasn’t by choose, he was born into it.

William stared at Sweden and Alex in anger. He didn’t look angry, but his silver stricken blue eyes looked venomous, ready to destroy.

“Alexander,” William said. “It has come to my attention that Sweden Santana Schwarz has been caught stealing from the government and will be executed.”

“What?” Alex and Sweden screamed in unrevealing unison.

“Yes, this is true, she will be executed later on today, unless …” William half stated.

“Unless what!” Alex yelled to his despicable, selfishly disturbing excuse for a brother.

“Well, another family has been caught as well.” William started. “You will choose who gets to live; this family of four or your best friend: Sweden.”

“That’s not fear, many people have been caught stealing; these people don’t deserve such cruelty.”

“This will teach you unrelenting discipline; this will make you stronger,” William said. “You have three seconds to choose one or each will die.”

“This isn’t funny,” Alex screamed again. “You mustn’t do this.”

“One,” William quietly said.

Alex stared at each of the two sets of people. Sweden cried, and her tears matched those of when she lost her father in a car accident. The other side stood the family. A mother and her husband, who cried as much as Sweden and made Alex sick to his stomach.


Without another word, Alex shamelessly pointed at Sweden and the other family disappeared into an abyss, never to be seen again.

Sweden ran into his arms and held him, weeping incredulously. William left the room with his aids and was gone. Alex knew it was time. It was time for a revolution. And there wasn’t space on the throne for the two of them.

And Alex didn’t plan on losing.