peter was ...   by Fae Gabriel

As Peter grew his body became less interesting to those who would take him, and he spent more of his time running errands for his keeper. He lived with others who experienced what he did but rarely showed compassion to those who were in pain. Learning to steal led him to much trouble from those who caught him and from his keeper. However, from the errors he made he became better at stealing and suffered fewer punishments due to his growing mastery. Because of skills and what he stole he became admired by other boys, whom followed him to get the scraps of what he acquired and to learn what he knew.

Peter’s existence was brief and never knew of another world, but before his existence came to an end he seen and lived another that would bring joy and laughter to many boys and girls … from many worlds.


Walking by the brush of a park, during one of his errands, he comes across an old man on the ground. Excitement flares within him, as he thinks about the money from the man’s wallet. As he walks to the man a bush nearby shakes which catches Peter’s attention.

\"What are you doing the man,\" the man says.

\"Nothing. I just came to see if you were okay,\" peter says as their eyes meet.

The man grabs Peter’s arm and yells at the boy, catching the attention of a few police officers.


Watching his keeper give the same rehearsed apology, from when he or the other boys gets in trouble with the police, brings no change to peters emotions, as his beatings will only increase slightly for the week. Peter thinks a little of what he should have done to not get caught, but most of this thoughts were on the shaking bush that seemed to distract him from seeing the man in the park waking.

“Come on boy!” his keeper yells.

Peter rises, and like a reflex, he thinks of being far away on an island to somewhat ease the pain he will endure


Walking by the brush of a park, during one of his errands, he vaguely remembers a situation of a man, being caught and a bush that distracted him from his goal.

I wonder how long ago it was when it happened. I think it was here where the bush moved, he thinks to himself.

As he leans toward the bush a little figure flutters toward him whose beauty causes him to gasp-and he remembers the first of his errands as he reaches for the door of the bakery.

How did I get here-Silly! I have things to do, he thinks to himself as he enters the bakery.

“So what do you need,” the baker asks.

“I saw something in the park.”


Sparks fly from the contact of Peters face with her tiny hand that violently struck him. As the sparks turn to dust, she lies on her back and pulls down the top of the tattered cloth that covers her to reveal tiny but supple breasts. The boy, waking from a trance, sees the beautiful figure lifting her outfit to reveal her beautiful vagina that is eager to take him in. Peter eagerly touches the breasts and vagina of a girl who is no longer than the length of his elbow to his wrist. As he becomes immensely aroused, he is struck violently again by the tiny figure who laughs and flutters into the park with her insect-like wings.


A beautiful day where a mother can enjoy the company of her little daughters is a day that belle can also enjoy. The fluttering noise of her wings attracts the attention of the little family. She glides in the air to further amaze the family from here mere existence and beauty. After delicate kisses to the children she flies to the mother to whisper something for only her to hear. Eager to listen to the sounds of the golden-haired, crystal-blue-eyed faerie, she leans toward the little miracle. The faerie reaches in her nose and pulls out some skin and blood gushes from her nose. Before she can scream from the shock, the little faerie strikes the bleeding woman violently on her face. She tries hard to keep from laughing, but the look of shock from the mother is too much for her to hold her laughter. In the brush where she hurried to, she lays in pain from her laughter.


I know I will live for another day, for the laughter is what keeps me alive. Others like me do not share the same laughter, but we do as we must to exist. The harder I laugh the less entertainment I need and I hope for the day I can laugh so hard that I need not someone else for me to exist. I am so grateful for the beauty I have, for what man would trust an ugly little demon that may do them harm. I love the stories man makes of us, it causes him to trust who we are without knowing who we really are. For we are the demons that fell from the heavens, cursed by a king for us to only exist if we can know joy in our souls. Tonight I have no one to lay with so I will bring myself joy.

Belle takes her clothes off, and pleasures herself through the night.


I have been beaten before for what I have done. But for what I believe, the beatings were beyond what I have felt before and I do not know if the number of times I have been hit has been more.

Belle sees a boy laying on the ground in the park. Excitement within her flares, as she thinks about what she can get from the boy.

“I knew you were real.”

She becomes motionless.

He must be in the time of his life where he is changing to a man. That must be why he remembers me, she thinks to herself.

\"I am here for you,\" she says as though concerned for his well being.

\"Your voice is so beautiful ...\" he begins.

He tells her his experiences he has endured as he believes telling her would change his life. For who would not believe a beautiful, magical faerie would grant the wishes to those who are most in need.


A boy is running, jumping and singing through the streets in his underwear.

\"La-la-la, la-la-la,\" he sings again and again.

He arrives at a place that he once knew.

\"Boys! Boys! Come and see and fly with me. Belle touched me with her magical dust and now I can fly. So watch and see.\"

A crowd gathers to see a boy climb to the roof of the local orphanage for boys.

\"See. I can fly.\"

As the boy falls to his death, Belle is barely containing her laughter. Hidden in the trees, she watches with great anticipation to see who will cry for the boy.


Peter’s existence was brief, but before he died he knew of another world that brought him great joy. He knew of a world of singing, leaping, magic and faeries. A world man is taught in his childhood … that is good for boys and girls.