trance   by Dell MacTaighain

"okay I'll do it now pass me the cheese."
"cool" said Patsy, handing David the cheese platter plate. She turned and walked to the kitchen door, heading to table 6 with the order of Chicken & fries and side salad with real lettuce (60 a plate) " yshe will change your miserable life." she added and disappear with a whimsical grin.

David carried on slicing synthcheese and not wondering what did he just do.

8pm that night david sat there... same restaurant... same tables... same colleagues... same same, but this was different; he didn't really know why, it's just a date with someone that will change his life.

She sat down in front of him and smiled, "You must be David?"
"I'm Sarah, I am very pleased to meet you, David."
" I'm equally pleasured... I mean... it's also a pleas - "
She smiled "Don't worry, I'm a little nervous too - it's my first time here."
David tried to laugh but couldn't. He didn't know why he didn't... he guessed that it was because there was something ... 'off' about this woman.
"would you like to order something, Sarah?"
"Yes, that would be acceptable."
David frowned momentarily...'acceptable?'...
"we have a wide range of meals here, most are pretty nice - even the fish dishes."
Sarah laughed, "You are so funny. Quite amazing really."
David frowned again.
Sarah continued, "Patsy never said you were funny, she just said you were nice"
"I don't really know Sarah that well, that's probably the reason. I've only been here for 2 weeks."
"Again", started Sarah "amazing...and already you have made friends with everyone."
Sarah leaned forward on the table...
"You have made many friends, rented an apartment, got a job, even managed to save money in a bank account. Truly amazing."
"what?" exclaimed David, "You're weird. Perhaps I should go."
"good idea... time to get you back to the factory, David, you have proved me correct."
"What...? Who are you?"
"I'm Doctor Sarah Parkins... you're creator."
She leaned forward and reached his elbow and flicked his switch.
David slumped forward, Sarah smiled.
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